Healthy diet for working men

Time:2017-05-19 01:51:42

Nowadays, the healthy diet of working men has become the focus of attention of office workers. However, the solution to sub-health is mostly aimed at white-collar beauty. In fact, compared with female white-collar workers, office workers are more likely to overdraw health.

All along, the public and men themselves have the greatest expectations of their own career success, become the pillar of the family outside.

However, the workplace is like a battlefield, men have to pay for success at the expense of physical damage and energy expenditure. In the face of health and career, men tend to ignore the former. "Make a lot of money before the age of 40, spend money after the age of 40" has become the best portrayal of many men in the workplace.

Although white-collar men are secretly worried about their physical condition, they are not allowed to make earth-shaking changes in their lives. How can you give your body more care? As the saying goes, people eat food for the day. Healthy eating is the foundation of healthy body. Therefore, men may wish to make some changes in their dietary details, and they will achieve great results.

First, eat regularly, eat early and eat less at night.

Many office workers tend to stay away from breakfast because they sleep late. This lifestyle will not only cause serious gastrointestinal damage, but also exacerbate the arrival of hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, obesity. Because the work of the gastrointestinal tract is regular, do not eat breakfast gastric juice and bile can not work normally, a long time, especially hurting the stomach. And eat too much dinner, in addition to aggravating the gastrointestinal burden, but also make blood sugar into fat coagulation on the wall of blood vessels or abdominal wall, over time, people will become obese. And it is easy to "show old". Therefore, white-collar men in their daily life, try to form a reasonable and regular diet habits, eat early, eat late, so as to lay a good foundation for a day's work and study.

Two, away from the health of the three major hazards: tobacco, alcohol, greasy food

As we all know, alcohol and tobacco are harmful to health, but in order to refresh, socialize and sign the bill, men know that alcohol and tobacco are harmful, but also have to "smoke without leaving mouth, wine without leaving hand". In addition to smoking and drinking, there is also a hidden killer often ignored by people, that is greasy food. Whether it's a box lunch or a big restaurant meal, greasy food goes with men. Excessive intake of grease, not only will lead to "sub-health," hypertension, diabetes and other symptoms will be entangled in the body, causing life-long harm. In view of this situation, white-collar men in addition to usually stay away from alcohol and tobacco, to light diet as the main, in social intercourse can also choose tea houses, vegetarian restaurants and other places, both elegant and fashionable, great health benefits.

Three, eat more alkaline foods, alkaline drinks, maintain alkaline constitution.

White-collar men are usually busy with work and social intercourse, and eat too much high-fat food. As time goes on, the body also becomes an acidic body of "sub-health". In fact, on the diet, white-collar men may also engage in "acid-base balance". Eat more alkaline foods like kelp and soy products to neutralize the pH of the body, or work harder on "drinking" more frequently than "eating" and choose healthy alkaline drinks. For example, the traditional "health drink" sour plum soup in old Beijing is a very suitable alkaline drink for busy white-collar men. Speaking of the history of sour plum soup, it has a long history. More than 200 years ago, emperors of all dynasties used sour plum soup as a daily health drink. Emperor Qianlong praised sour plum soup as a "treasure of the Qing Dynasty". The sour plum soup made from black plum and hawthorn contains a variety of trace elements, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber, which are not only rich in nutrients, but also can effectively relieve fatigue for tired white-collar men. Moreover, the traditional sour plum soup is made of all-natural raw materials with ice sugar, mineral water boiling, there is no need to worry about chemical additives to increase the burden on the body.

Nowadays, the bottled sour plum soup produced by Kowloon Zhai and other brands is easy to carry. White-collar men can drink sour plum soup at any time, whether in the office or in the entertainment hall, to balance acid and alkali, remove grease, eliminate the harm of acid and greasy to the body. In this way, white-collar men keep their basic physique easy and simple.

In addition to a well-balanced diet, white lead students should also adhere to sports, cheerful mood, only in this way, in order to have a healthy career.