How to buy treadmills

Time:2017-05-19 12:00:00

Generally speaking, the domestic fitness equipment enterprises have reached the international level in performance and other aspects, such as Huixiang treadmill, in the fine degree and humanized design has been greatly improved. And local brand products have the advantages of being suitable for Chinese people's physical structure, moderate price and aesthetic views, while foreign brand products often have disadvantages such as higher price, limited after-sales service and so on. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers should try to buy brands that are already well known in China.

Pay attention to safety

Purchase of electric running, fitness consumption is to exercise through equipment in order to obtain the enjoyment of sports, to obtain a healthy body. However, if the device has design hidden dangers, it may backfire. Therefore, we must pay special attention to product safety protection measures in place. The safety protection of electric treadmill mainly includes the following:

1. emergency stop and pull protection. It refers to the protective measure that the athlete can pull off the switch to stop the running of the machine when he suddenly feels unwell and can not keep up with the running speed of the treadmill.

2. over current and over voltage protection. Mainly refers to the network voltage is too high or the fault of the internal circuit of the machine caused by overvoltage current, which may lead to sudden rapid operation of the machine, causing harm to the human body protection measures.

3. insulation protection. Electric treadmill is a kind of electrical products, the voltage is 220V AC power supply, and the human body is directly in contact with the machine, therefore, the machine must have good insulation so that the sportsman will not be exposed to the risk of electric shock insurance measures.

4. locking protection device. Mainly aiming at the electric treadmill with folding mechanism, it should be able to self-lock or have locking device after folding, and should not occur unintentional touch which causes the machine to overturn and injure people or damage the machine.

Of course, there will be some other safety protection measures for production enterprises. But, above all, the above aspects. When consumers choose to buy, please pay attention to these protection measures of inquiry and experiment.

Household choice

Household electric treadmill, generally speaking, the power between 500 W to 1500 W, continuous operation capacity is not very strong, load capacity is generally within 120 KG. Generally folding, small footprint, price difference is larger than commercial electric treadmill. The commercial electric treadmill has a high price of up to tens of thousands of yuan, and the low is nearly 10000 yuan. The price of household electric treadmills is usually between 2000 and 6000 yuan. Consumers can choose according to their different nature and do their best.

Additional functions

Electric treadmill products often add some supporting functions on the basis of default implied functions such as running, such as increasing the platform lifting function in order to improve the intensity of sports, increasing the functions of speed direct selection and program direct selection in order to facilitate operation, and increasing the function of negative ion generator in order to make athletes enjoy high quality air. In order to alleviate the boredom of running, add external MP3 function; other functions such as waist twister, massage machine, dumbbell, LCD TV, VCD, folding and so on. All in all, these functions are based on two main functions: one is to facilitate the user's operation and enjoy high-quality sports; the other is to enable users to more comprehensive exercise in all parts of the body, expanding the user's exercise space. Consumers can choose according to their own circumstances.