Four commonly used fitness equipment for boys

Time:2017-05-19 01:56:21

1, push ups: (exercise targets: pectoralis major, biceps brachii, etc.)

Before: we boys always clap together and lie directly on the ground. The floor is fine, and there is no dust everywhere. It's not hygienic at first; secondly, the total body pressure on the palm of the hand will soon feel numb, it is difficult to play a role in exercise.

Now: Push-up bracket, called the "push-up" new "push-up", not only to solve the opportunity not to contact the ground directly, the handle inlaid with breathable sponge, but also to increase the comfort of the palm of push-ups.

2. Gripper: (Exercise target: Hand muscle, promote blood circulation, especially suitable for boys who use computer keyboard for a long time. )

Before: no electronic meter counts.

Now: this new gripper can be used to quantify exercise intensity by electronic counting function. The handle is also comfortable and streamlined. In addition, rich and colorful colors can relieve visual fatigue caused by long-term exercise.

3, the tension device: (exercise Objective: almost all the upper limb muscles and some waist and abdominal muscles). )

Before: The two ends are handles, and there is no design for pedaling. When a trainer uses his foot to pedal on the handles to practice arm strength, it is not only difficult to exert strength, but also prone to danger.

Now: This puller adds pedals and safety factors to the old-fashioned model.

4. Dumbbells: (Exercise Goal: All kinds of upper limb muscles, for girls, do "bird" exercise, but also to prevent chest sagging)

Before: It seems that only in the gym, the impression is "heavy iron knots," placed at home, not only ugly, but also the risk of being sold as scrap iron (iron food) by my mother...

Now: look at these new dumbbells. Girls love it. Feel up, the material is "more gentle" and the use of non-toxic harmless PVC glue to avoid bruising during exercise, especially colorful coats, and even ignore that it is a "weight" equipment. Not only can you adjust the weight of the dumbbell according to your personal conditions, but also easy to disassemble. When you don't need it, you can remove the dumbbell piece for easy collection.